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Welcome to FISHING SISTERHOOD! Fishing sisterhood was created to support women and girls to be a part of the fishing community. Whether you fish for fun, relaxation, to compete or work in the industry, the Sisterhood is here to support you. Fishing Sisterhood’s mission is to empower women to feel good and look great while pursuing your passion of fishing. The team at fishing sisterhood lead by example, promoting sustainable fishing practices, encourages women to be active and embrace the positive benefits of recreational and sport fishing, such as; Physical exercise, Reducing social isolation, Recharging the batteries, Ability to escape the pressures of daily struggles and give yourself permission to do self care, Feed the family and to have fun! Our range of women’s sports and casual fishing apparel are designed for the female figure. No longer do women have to wear baggy men’s shape and size fishing apparel. Bright colours, funky designs and a wide range of sizes. We even have a men’s “Supporter Range” for the men in your life to wear loud and proud to show they support female anglers! Check out fishing sisterhood’s “Get to know us” page and meet the team! Subscribe to receive your launch offer!

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